Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day

Check out the Big Picture's fantastic photo series commemorating 2010's World Water Day. It's a moving set that incorporates both beautiful imagery of water around the globe and thought-provoking photos that highlight water-related issues around the world including pollution, drought and climate change. From the Big Picture's post, I learned that National Geographic is giving away a free issue of their April issue entitled Water: Our Thirsty Planet which also highlights various crucial issues pertaining to water. You can download it here, but downloading it requires installing a program called Zinio Reader, which is a program that manages online magazine and print subscriptions. I downloaded it and it seems harmless enough but its up to you if its worth it for a free issue of National Geographic. If you do choose to download it, make sure you do it before April 2nd, which is when the free download expires.

Also coinciding with World Water Day is the release of the Story of Bottled Water, from the makers of the fantastic Story of Stuff. Watch it below:

Bottled water is whack, I've known for a while that Dasani and Aquafina are just glorified, expensive tap water. I do really enjoy Poland Spring but this video is compelling enough to get me to not buy bottled water.

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