Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Games- "Everything Is Working"

The track "Everything Is Working" by Games caught my attention because apparently one half of Games is Dan Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never. I've been jamming the shit out of Oneohtrix Point Never's Rifts, an overlooked 2009 gem (check out when we were younger & better's feature on Rifts). Games are little more straightforward than the expansive drone and ambient of Oneohtrix Point Never (the other member of Games is Joel Ford of Tiger City), I guess they channel a little bit of the chillwave sound that has been popular recently, though let's just disassociate the two right now because I hate using that word. "Everything Is Working" uses warped vocal samples, dreamy synth loops and a driving beat to create a final product that is both complex and catchy. Check out "Everything Is Working" and be on the lookout for Games' debut EP That We Can Play.

Games- "Everything Is Working"
from That We Can Play (via Chocolate Bobka)

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