Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Delorean- "Stay Close" (2010)

I feel like I shouldn't, but I love the new Delorean song. No, not that cool car from Back To The Future. The four piece from Barcelona who had that pretty good song last year called "Seasun." Their new song "Stay Close" from their upcoming debut LP Subiza is a blissful mix of all that synth-pop you love to hate or hate to love. The catchy melodies and chopped up samples are reminiscent of bands like Passion Pit and Discovery, though their well thought out pop based arrangements give them a Phoenix-esque maturity in regards to their songwriting. One more reason to love this song: they use that awesome 'woohoo' loop from the untouchable middle section of "Brother Sport."

Check out "Stay Close" from Delorean's Subiza, it's due out June 8th on True Panther Sounds. Stream the track below.

Delorean- "Stay Close" (via Stereogum)
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