Friday, March 19, 2010

Bluebrain- Soft Power (2010)

Last night, my friend Connor and I attended the Brightest Young Things sponsored album release party for Bluebrain's new album Soft Power. It was kind of a spontaneous thing, my interest was sparked more by the promise of a DJ set by Molly Siegel (lead singer of Ponytail). The first time I heard Bluebrain was when they started playing at around 10:45.

Quick review of the openers: Molly Siegel was awesome. You could tell she wasn't really used to doing DJ sets but her eclectic samples and heavy beats had me dancing. DJ Empath followed with a set of ridiculously heavy dubstep, which was fucking awesome, not much more to say about that.

Then it was time for Bluebrain, the band I had come to see without ever hearing them. I had a good feeling though, just from the fact that the only things on the stage were two opposing podiums filled with mixers, sampling equipment and keyboards. Each podium had four mics hovering above it running into the mixer; I was excited. My good feeling was validated about three seconds into the first song: Bluebrain is incredible live. In addition to the pummeling beats, blaring synths and echoing vocals that came blasting from the speakers, the brotherly duo had a huge screen behind them displaying some trippy visuals that fit perfectly with their wild music.

I'm stupid and didn't buy their debut LP Soft Power but you can find some of their music online luckily. Their mp3s don't really live up to the brilliance and intensity of their live show, but they still showcase the bands undeniable talent and creativity. Think of a smarter version of MGMT, layered vocals, driving percussion and layered vocals, mixed with with the more chilling, lo-fi weirdness of Nurses. Definitely keep an eye on this band because they are already creating a buzz with the release of Soft Power.

The record release also marked one of the first shows for D.C.'s new U St. Music Hall and it's definitely a cool venue. Intimate with a lot of bar space and room to dance. Up and coming DJ Tittsworth will be there this Saturday, so check that out if you're in the DC area. Check out three tracks from Bluebrain's Soft Power below.

<a href="">Ten By Ten by BLUEBRAIN</a>
<a href="">Caught Up In The Laughter by BLUEBRAIN</a>
<a href="">Royal Blue by BLUEBRAIN</a>

Additionally, you can find two tracks from Bluebrain's EP Cult Following here. Check out the band's website for more music and info on upcoming shows.

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