Friday, April 30, 2010

Tim Hecker- Harmony In Ultraviolet (2006)

I'm not gonna bother trying to explain this album a) because it's really hard to explain drone/ambient albums b) I'm way too drunk right now to be articulate. But Tim Hecker's Harmony In Ultraviolet is without question one of the best ambient albums I have ever heard. Hecker has been at the forefront of the experimental electronic music for almost 10 years and Harmony In Ultraviolet is surely his finest composition. The album is a haunting but undeniably compelling mix of glitch, drone and laptop electronica, similar in sound to avant-garde contemporaries Christian Fennesz, Nadja, or even the expansive post-rock of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Also, Harmony In Ultraviolet has to be one of the best fucking album names ever, not to mention it describes this album perfectly. I'm not gonna bother explaining any further, JUST DOWNLOAD THIS ALBUM RIGHT NOW. Refer to When We Were Younger And Better's comprehensive Tim Hecker post for more of his amazing back catalog. Otherwise click the album artwork to sample.

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