Friday, April 23, 2010

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record [2010]

Count on a band like Broken Social Scene to not change anything you love about them and yet completely throw to the wind any suggestions they're a one trick pony. Let's run through my Official "What makes an album like Forgiveness Rock Record successful?" Check List, shall we?

- Kevin Drew's outrageously catchy and abstract lyrics? (Check.)

- Amy Millan, Leslie Feist, and Emily Haines tearing it up on vocals? (Check.)

- Production by John McEntire (who's worked with Tortoise and Sea & Cake)? (Check.)

- Brand spankin' new horn section that feels like it's been missing since the first album? (Check.)

Broken Social Scene's contributions to setting the bar for indie music have yet to cease and that's the bottom line. For their first album in five years, this maintains true to their roots in a clear and more straightforward way then ever: accessible and poppy yet expansive and psychedelic. This should absolutely be the first BSS record you pass on to a friend.

Between 'You Forgot It In People' and their self-titled, there's usually noticeable correlation after each release and what gets popular in the indie scene. Perhaps Forgiveness Rock Record is a sincere apology from the company to any of their listeners expecting them to set the bar any lower? Or maybe a light-hearted joke on the bands that will have to gall to try and replicate it? Either way, nobody should be sorry purchasing this CD May 4th.

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