Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jim Carroll Band- "People Who Died"

My friend Andrew (he doesn't have a blog but if he did it would too ridiculous for the internet to handle) turned me on to this amazing song by the Jim Carroll Band called "People Who Died" from their 1980 album Catholic Boy. With a little research, I was able to briefly familiarize myself with Jim Carroll, author of the Basketball Diaries and all around awesome relevant punk literary figure. Listening to "People Who Died," it's easy to see what Kurt Vile and his band The War On Drugs were listening to before writing their songs. The song's morbid lyrics and fast-paced, rowdy and almost shoegaze-y guitar work call to mind the raw punk of contemporaries The Misfits, The Velvet Underground, and The Stooges. Check out "People Who Died Below."

Jim Carroll Band- "People Who Died" from Catholic Boy

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