Sunday, January 23, 2011

Panda Bear- Last Night At The Jetty (2010)

The third single in anticipation of Panda Bear's release of the Tomboy LP in 2011, "Last Night At The Jetty" could be the best. It begins with perhaps Lennox's heaviest beat yet and builds into a watery mix of violins and layered harmonies. With "Last Night At The Jetty," Lennox reminds us of the core elements that truly make his music so compelling: the beautiful vocal layering, the use of repetition and looping. And though he's ditched the crackling samples of Person Pitch for more organic beats and instrumentation, "Last Night At The Jetty" shows that Lennox's songwriting remains strong. Unfortunately, it's paired with the B-side "Drone," a forgettable track based on a Oneohtrix Point Never inspired blare of synths and electronics, making "Tomboy" and its companion "Slow Motion" probably a more likely candidate for Panda Bear's best single from 2010. But "Last Night At The Jetty" should only the heighten the excitement about Tomboy. Click the artwork to sample.

1. Last Night At The Jetty
2. Drone

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