Friday, June 4, 2010

Ghettosocks - Out For Treats (2009)

Plain and simple -- even though this is a release from last year I feel that it's still worthy of mentioning. It's a shame how great new music can fall so low beneath the radar with artist pollution at an all time high, but I digress. Obviously,with any hip-hop single there's compromise of content. This is supposed to be Ghettosocks' stab at a pop song,and it's pretty clear some of these hip hop guys aren't pop music stars but, in my opinion at least, this is a solid single.With that said, this is also the most pop-oriented track on the album, which is absolutely worth picking up if you're into this old-school vibe. Every listen I'm find myself discovering that Mr. Socks is a Canadian hip-hop artist with all the right influences, hopefully you see it too. Luckily, even if you don’t see what I’m talking about there’s some delicious looking snacks that even Rachel Ray would want to rub all over herself all dirty-like.

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