Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doomriders- Black Thunder (2005)

Doomriders are a four piece punk group out of Boston whose line up features metal heavyweights like Converge's Nate Newton and Disappearer's Jebb Riley. Despite the attention that the band's 2009 release Darkness Come Alive, I think Doomriders' crushing mix of skate punk, thrash and stoner metal is unleashed with the most precision and ferocity on their 2005 debut Black Thunder. The album cover gives you a pretty good idea of both the group's sound and intentions; you'll be wishing your hair was longer and/or throwing up the horns by the end of the first track. The album's title track and opener is extreme blend of Newton's Lemmy-esque roars, descending guitar harmonies and crunching bass.

And despite the genre's notoriety for being focused on speed and aggression rather than variation, the songs on Black Thunder are diverse, highlighting the band's different influences and musical strengths. "Fuck This Shit" is one of the album's shortest tracks, yet its fast paced tempo, unforgiving lyrics and brutally slow ending make it one of the album's hardest hitters. Meanwhile, "Voice Of Fire," one of my favorite tracks on the album, is a sprawling 6 minute instrumental, full of stuttered buildups and delicate guitar work. Black Thunder is just like any other album in its genre: its goal is to stir shit up. It's loud, fast and pissed off. Yet the band's clear respect for songwriting and variation simultaneously shine through, and that's what separates Doomriders from the rest. One of my favorite hardcore records.

But honestly, you should download the album based on the album artwork alone.

1. Black Thunder
2. The Long Walk
3. Ride or Die
4. Deathbox
5. Listen Up!
6. Midnight Eye
7. Fuck This Shit
8. Worthless
9. The Chase
10. Voice Of Fire
11. Drag Them Down
12. The Whipcrack
13. Sirens

Recommended if you like: Fucked Up, Motörhead, Boris, Baroness, Torche, Black Sabbath

Disclaimer: This album is much heavier than anything else I have posted on here. If you're not into punk or metal, steer clear, but get used to seeing some more aggressive stuff on here. Good music is good music and I recommend it to everyone.


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