Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lower Dens- Batman (2011)

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After 2010's fantastic Twin-Hand Movement, a record that channeled both the reverb-drenched guitars chords of the 80s and the weirdness of the freak folk scene of the early 00s, Lower Dens return in 2011 with a single called Batman. The A-side contains the elements that have come to define the band's sound: Jana Hunter's dampening moan, shimmering guitars, and tight percussion. However, the track is more upbeat and sloppy than anything on Twin-Hand Movement, a delightful change a pace that makes it easy to get your feet tapping. The B-side, "Dear Betty Baby," is a brooding cover of a Mayo Thompson track. Picked this one up when I saw them live at this fantastic little venue in D.C. called Subterranean A, they were pretty good live, considering how quiet and slow they are on record. Get excited. Click the album artwork to sample.

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  1. I love this. I wish you would have written more!