Thursday, December 16, 2010

tooth ache.- "Skin" (2010)

So, a while back the fantastic emerging label Father / Daughter Records got in contact with me asking me to feature this lo-fi gem from Vermont's tooth ache. Despite being so new, as far as I'm concerned Father / Daughter is 3 for 3. In addition to "Skin," they put out singles for Family Trees' "Dream Talkin'," one of my favorite songs of the year, and Levek's "Look On The Bright Side." "Skin" is a freaky mix of spiraling organs, heavy clicking rhythms and the airy vocals reminiscent of A Sunny Day In Glasgow and All Saints Day. Alexandria Hall is the sole figure behind tooth ache. and it shows. But the song's choppy, electronic chirps and simplistic composition give it a home-grown feel that makes it all the more real. Check out "Skin" via Father / Daughter's website and look for features of more great releases from this awesome up and coming label.

tooth ache.- "Skin"

Buy Skin from Father / Daughter Records

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