Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cold Cave- "Life Magazine" (2009)

Ugh, I know I have been terrible about posting and I wish I had a legitimate excuse to give you, my few readers. But I don't. But I'm going to be better I promise. And to the artists who sent me music, don't worry! I'm going to post about it soon I promise!

But as for today, I bring you a great track from Cold Cave's awesome, overlooked 2009 release Love Comes Close. The track is called "Life Magazine," I believe they came out with an EP for the track this year that featured a bunch of remixes. Love Comes Close finds its strength in its variation. It jumps from slow moving drone, to bouncy shoegaze, to buzzing synth-pop, all within the first three tracks. "Life Magazine," the third of the aforementioned tracks, is the hybrid of the glitchy beeps of Crystal Castles and the driving dance punk of Death From Above 1979. Female vocalist Jennifer Clavin's voice bears a striking resemblance to Lisa Lobsinger of Broken Social Scene. Wes Eisold, formerly of American Nightmare and Some Girls, split's vocals with Clavin and is the mastermind behind the group. And though Cold Cave retains some of his punk and hardcore roots, their music is much more experimental than anything he has done previously. Check out the fantastic "Life Magazine" and Love Comes Close if you have a chance.

Cold Cave- "Life Magazine" (via Stereogum)

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