Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some Cool Photography

I've always really dug photography. Growing up my dad would always carry his Canon SLR with him, taking particularly beautiful snapshots of natural beauty, whether it be the trees turning during fall or a colorful sunset from our backyard. Last year, my good friend got a Nikon Digital SLR and the first semester of school I went totally overboard with it. We must have put 1200 pictures on that camera. But I've always really wanted to take a photography class and learn the logistics of photography, so I could I could call myself a 'photographer.' Anyway, I wanted to direct your attention to a couple photographers and pieces of work that I think are awesome.

My friend turned me on to the Boston Globe's photo blog called "The Big Picture." Every few days they present a new series of photo's focusing on a current event or common theme. Particularly compelling is the recent collection on the 2009 UN World Drug Report. The pictures are sobering to say the least, highlighting drug related violence in Mexico and drug production and addiction in the Middle East and South America. Here are a few shots I think are amazing, but definitely check out the whole series and the Big Picture's other entries.

Also, check out the work of my friend who I mentioned early in the post Pat White. In addition to being a sick dj and all around heady chiller, he is sick at photography. Check out his photo blog.

Here's some other cool work from an acquaintance from back home. Here a couple ones I enjoyed from his blog.

And while we're on the subject, I've taken a couple photos over the years I like to think are pretty sweet.

Definitely check the Big Picture weekly, the work they feature is always fantastic. I'll probably be doing a separate posting about the work of Ralph Eugene Meatyard, another amazing photographer. Until then, check out the prolific back catalogue by the photographers listed above.

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